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We search all of the top sites + direct rates at once so you know you're getting the lowest rate possible.

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Your team will earn cash back on every booking made through your travel page (Great way to fundraise!).

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Submit your request and get hotel bids automatically. Our group rates average 24% off standard rates and you can still talk with the hotel manager and pay them directly.

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We bring customer service to the modern age. Use our "Live Chat" messenger or text/call our customer service number at any time.

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Lucid travel is essentially free money for our club teams. Whether they utilize the heavily discounted rates or cash kick back, they’re bound to save or earn money that can be put towards other club ventures.

Emily Theys
Associate Director of Club Sports, Clemson University
College Club Sports

Lucid was a great and easy way for us to book hotel rooms, and on top of that earn money for our club. We will continue to use Lucid in the future due to the great service and the easy interface.

Chase Pruitt
President, KU Club Hockey
Sports Team

Lucid Travel makes it easy to coordinate with my colleagues, especially when we have a conference hell week (5 conference next week!). Getting the best prices and having an easy way to keep track of expenses keeps us focused on our goals rather than travel planning.

Kevin Uy
District Analyst, Learn Platform
Start Up
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