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Our Mission

Lucid's mission is simple - Make booking and managing travel easier and cheaper for teams.

Most travel companies claim the same thing, but it's not clear what they're actually doing to make it happen.

Here is what we're doing:

  1. More Options - No travel company can possibly have the most inventory and best prices every single time. That's why we simply consolidate rates from all the top travel sites, as well as include rates directly from vendors, so you know that you're getting the best price every time you make a booking.
  2. Real Savings - Because we pull in rates from all the top sites, you know you're getting the best available rates.

    So the next question is - How does Lucid help us save money?

    Every time your team books with Lucid, you earn up to 7% cash back. We can do this because travel websites, hotels and vendors pay us when bookings are made. We simply share the revenue with you as a way to save extra money (It's a great fundraiser too!).
  3. Easier For Teams - With Lucid, you get a team profile that allows you to add other team members, review your receipts, change/cancel existing reservations and even find group discounted rates using our room block tool.
  4. Easier Group Rates - You fill out a group request form (here it is) that is automatically sent to all the hotels in the area you choose. After that, hotels will send you group discounted bids that will show up in your inbox. The best part is, you can still talk to the hotel manager and even pay them directly - we just help you find the best bids and our agents are always available to help.
  5. Superior Customer Service - We believe that building an open and honest relationship with our customers is essential to our operation. You can call us directly, as well as access our live chat messenger at any time.

Our Values

The principals that define an organization can be felt by every person that's involved, whether it's a part-time contractor or a first-time customer.

  1. Be Proactively Honest
    • Tell the truth, communicate often and face conflicts head on.
    • Don't be afraid to disagree and challenge ideas.
    • Be the real you (genuine people attract others like a magnet).
  2. Be Disciplined
    • Greatness comes from consistant effort, over a long period of time.
    • Bulid trust and reliability with others
    • Discipline equals freedom
  3. Be Humble
    • Care for and help others whenever you can.
    • Think about what's best for the team, not you.
    • Leave the world better than you found it.
  4. Be Curious
    • Always ask “Why?”, you'll be surprised where it can take you.
    • Take risks & don’t be afraid to fail
    • Explore new experiences & ideas

Our Story

The idea of Lucid Travel was planted when a group of NC State friends decided to plan a group trip, a process most are familiar with.

What we encountered was that planning group travel is HARD. The list is endless: “Who's coming? Where/when should we go? How do we get there? Where do we stay? What do we eat? What events are going on? How much will it cost? How do we get the best price? Who still hasn’t paid?”

Every step of the process was slow and unorganized. It nearly cause the trip to be cancelled all together, but we were able to secure last-minute airfare, lodging and lift tickets right in time for a successful trip out to Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado. The beautiful mountains, small-town culture, and world-class slopes set the scene for a once in a life time trip. This trip was the “light-bulb” moment for simplifying the entire process of organizing/booking group travel and Lucid Travel was born.

Our Story Collage 2

We started selling travel packages to friends and decided to make a landing page. We kept adding more & more pages/functions and eventually ended up with the fully functional platform you see today.

Lucid Travel may change and grow but the one thing that will hold true is our promise to continue innovating team travel and serving our customers in any way that we can. Special thanks to everyone who has helped us get to where we are today and to those who will shape our vision in the future.


Ben Knosby Co-Founder & CEO
Nick Karagiannis Co-Founder & COO
Tyler Lockley VP Marketing
Chase Summers VP Sales


Willow Groskreutz Content Manager
Alex Leszunov Director of Growth
Sarah Karagiannis Customer Success
David Tillack Growth Rep


Sourabh Chawla Technology Director
Steven Kless Sales Engineer
Cody Riemenschneider Data Engineer


John Prince President, Americas of HotelPlanner.com
Chris Molnar Tech Leader, CTO of Pearup.com (Aquired by Custom Ink)
Troy Miller Sales Executive, Co-Founder of Lucid Travel

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