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Lucid's Typical Customer

Most of Lucid's customers are innovative leaders that believe the future of travel management can be more exciting, simpler, and more cost-effective.

We like finding clients that become part of the team and are passionate about improving every detail of travel from booking to managing receipts.

We listen and improve each & every day.

What does the 2.0 mean?

At the beginning of 2020, Lucid was launching 2 new products, hiring several key positions, and transitioning to a more modern technology stack. We decided that adding 2.0 to our logo was an easy way to showcase these changes to our partners.

Our Principles

How we live and work.

Radical Transparency

Find truth, communicate often and face conflicts head on.

Be Curious

Take risks, explore new things, & don’t be afraid to fail.

Be Authentic

Be the real you. Insincerity is easy to identify.

Take Ownership

Real leaders take ownership of wins AND losses.

Positions Available

Head Of Sales

Run demo meetings with potential clients. Manage key relationships & help new clients become successful with Lucid Travel.


Sales Development Rep

Engage with potential clients to set meetings & interact with the Lucid Travel brand.


Marketing Analyst

Develop content for existing & potential clients. Manage marketing spending and key metrics.


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