About Us

Our Mission

Lucid's mission is simple - help teams & organizations save money & time on travel.

We believe that the travel industry is not currently equiped to serve small to mid-sized teams & organizations. These types of organizations do not have the financial means to buy a comprehensive travel management tool and don't have the buying power to barter special discounts with travel providers.

That's why we built Lucid. It's free to use, powerful enough to manage a complex organization and gives you access to exclusive discounts & cash back on top travel sites.

Join the platform that's dedicated to providing enterprise level travel management without the monthly costs/fees of mainstream agencies and other Corporate Travel Management (CTM) companies.

Our Values

The principals that define an organization can be felt by every person that's involved whether it's a part-time contractor or a first-time customer.

  1. Be Proactively Honesty
    • Tell the truth, communicate often and face conflicts head on.
    • Don't be afraid to disagree and challenge ideas.
    • Be the real you (genuine people attract others like a magnet).
  2. Be Selfless
    • Care for and help others whenever you can.
    • Think about what's best for the team, not you.
    • Leave the world better than you found it.
  3. Be Curious
    • Always ask “Why?”, you'll be suprised where it can take you.
    • Take risks & don’t be afraid to fail
    • Explore new experiences & ideas

Leadership Team

Ben Knosby Co-Founder & CEO
Nick Karagiannis Co-Founder & COO
Sven Barletta Marketing Director
Sourabh Chawla Technology Director

Business Development

Micheal Kolor Account Manager, College Club Sports
Liza Zhytkova Account Manager, Partnerships
Bobby Wycoff Account Manager, University Organizations
Nick Langkamp Account Manager, Extreme Sports

Customer Success

Steven Kless Sales Engineer
Chrissy Cornejo Customer Service
Cody Riemenschneider Sales Engineer
Sarah Karagiannis Customer Success


John Prince President, Americas of HotelPlanner.com
Chris Molnar Tech Leader, CTO of Pearup.com (Aquired by Custom Ink)
Troy Miller Sales Executive, Co-Founder of Lucid Travel

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Sales, Product Development, Customer Service, Marketing & Design

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