Monitize Your Clients

No Yearly Contract

No Minimum Bookings Required


Revenue Share

Lucid offers industry-high revenue share to our advertising partners.

  • You earn 30% of every dollar that Lucid earns
  • Opportunities to increase Revenue Share as your client base grows

Create Passive Income

Once a user creates a Lucid account from your Affiliate Link, you'll continue to earn commission from their sales for 1 year.

  • Most advertisers only pay you for the 1st sale

How It Works

Automated Tracking

You get a unique Affiliate Link that you can add on your website, include in emails and share on social media. When a user clicks on your link, it will automatically tag them as your client. Even if they sign up weeks later, you'll still get credit.

  • You will recieve 30% revenue share for your users for 1 year.

Real-time Dashboard

You will be able to login to your affiliate account at anytime. In your account, you'll have a table showing all users that have signed up through your Affiliate Link and how much money you have earned from each.

Join As Affiliate