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5 Reasons to use Travel Packages

5 Reasons to use Travel Packages

1. Big Discounts

The companies that put these elaborate travel packages together make sure they are getting big discounts in comparison to the single booking rate. There are 2 main reasons for this: 1) They have to make money (duh) and 2) They have leverage because of their scale which gives them negotiating power to get the best rate possible. A good way to think about it is that they get the "wholesale" price. If you go to Costco and buy the 12 pack of toothpaste, you end up paying anywhere from 30% to 50% less than if you bought 12 packs of toothpaste, individually. Because you're willing to buy a large order, you have leverage which gives you purchasing power to get the better unit price.

2. It's Simple

This is pretty straight forward. When you purchase a travel package you are buying multiple items with a single click. This is particularly important when you are in charge of coordinating a trip with a large group. It's nearly impossible to get 10 people to buy 10 different things (airfare, lodging, excursions, tickets, meals, etc.) at the same time and ensure you do all of these great things together. Luckily, Travel Packages are pre-built by travel professionals so they can be scaled to fit any group.

3. Personalized Service

Most Travel Packages come with a travel agent that walks you through the booking process and answers any questions along the way. Again, this is particularly important when you are in charge of coordinating a trip with a large group. If you don't have an agent like this (guess what?), you get to be the lucky one who calls everyone 5 times a day for the next 2 months. Take advantage of this service come Spring Break 2017, so you're not stuck being the team mom. On top of coordinating the booking process, they are also great concierges. They have experience with the trip and fully understand all the bits and pieces that make up the package. Ask them where the best spots are and what restaurants have the cheapest drinks, odds are they will know and be happy to give their 2 cents.

4. Travel Community

The great thing about Travel Packages is that there are a lot of different people doing the exact same thing as you are. That means staying in the same hotel, getting the same deals, going to the same events, etc. It makes it easy to take lead and build a community around the fact that you all are experiencing the same things. Lucid Travel is making big moves to improve the way people interact and communicate when they travel on the same package deal. Stay tuned and make sure to give us feedback on how you think it could be improved.

5. Enhanced Experience

The companies that develop these travel packages are well versed on what's good and bad in regards to a particular trip they cater to. They know the local spots, the coolest adventures and are well connected with the local economy to give you a leg-up. This assures that your time is well spent during your stay. These packages include things like special events, excursions, guided adventures, VIP packages, all-inclusive food & drink, exclusive parties, on-site professional staff, entertainment tickets and more. Take advantage of their expertise so that you can return with an epic experience worth sharing.


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