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Create a customized link that fits your unique travel policies and gives you access to real discounts instantly.

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Traveler Compliance & Safety

Lucid understands that traveler safety and compliance with policy is of utmost concern.

  • All your travelers in one place
  • 100+ customizations to automate your policies & procedures
  • Compliance/safety reports every month
  • Exceptional service when your travelers need it most

1000+ Organizations
Businesses, universities, & everything in-between.

  • GotSoccer
  • Learn Platform
  • DanceComp Genie
  • Active Network

Fully Customizable

Built to fit your unique travel policies

Customize Your Link

Add your company's branding and choose from 100+ settings to ensure your link is set up to fit your unique needs.

Automated Discounts

Offer hotel discounts instantly. Aggregated from top travel sites and exclusive discounts from 10,000+ hotels.


Simplified Accounting

Your reservation data and receipts are in one place making accounting and expense management simple.

Team Friendly

You have the ability to send to approvers for payment, still utilize personal loyalty points, and access 24/7 service.

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REAL Discounted Rates

Lucid aggregates rates from top travel sites like, Priceline, Expedia,, and many more.

We also connect with wholesale networks and 10,000+ hotels directly to offer exclusive discounts up to 60% off. These are Real discounts, not another marketing campaign...

  • Lucid aggregates rates from top travel sites
  • Access non-public wholesale discounts (Up to 60% off)
  • 10,000+ exclusive discounts with business-friendly hotels
Case Study

Learn Platform has ~50 employees that travel for various reasons. They use their link to centralize reservations in one place and automate their travel policy compliance.

Simplified Tracking

Learn Platform set up their custom link to include fields like department and event name so that they can easily track travel spend and have 1 system they go to for management.

Automated Policy

Learn Platform can set up price caps, approval processes, and vendor preferences in a couple of clicks. Your unique travel policy is loaded into your link to make traveler compliance simple.

Their Custom Page

Learn Platform

One simple link that all employees can access.

Customizable Settings

Lucid has over 100 customizable settings made to fit your unique policies, procedures, & interests.

Add Your Branding

Add your logo, update color schemes, and even customize your site's header & footer.

Prepaid vs. Postpay

Choose if you want to show only prepaid, only postpay, or to show both rates types.

Pricing Limits

You can easily add maximum and/or minimum pricing limits to make compliance automatic.

Enable Approvals

Make it so that your travelers can send reservation requests to admins for approval/payment.

Remove Nonrefundable Rates

Remove all rates that are listed as nonrefundable so that canceling is always an option.

Minimum Star/Review Ratings

Set minimum star and/or review ratings so that you can take control of traveler safety.

Reservation Notifications

Get automatic email notifications every time a reservation is made using your custom link.

Cancelation Notifications

Get automatic email notifications every time a reservation is canceled.

Disable Certain Hotels

Remove certain hotel properties and even entire hotel chains from your custom link.

Disable Certain Rate Providers

Remove certain rate providers from your custom link like, Expedia, etc.

Enable Approvals

Send reservations to admins for approval and payment.

Add Your Own Rebate

You can add a fee that allows your organization to earn money on every reservation made using your link.

Add Your Corporate Rates

If you have special negotiated corporate rates, we can load them into your custom link.

Enable Airbnb

Allow Airbnb options to populate in your custom link along with hotels & other lodging options.

Add Custom Fields

Add custom fields (i.e. job code, department, etc.) when travelers are making reservations.

100+ Other Settings

And if we don't have what you're looking for, we'll build it.



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Customer Service is our #1 Priority

"This isn't a marketing slogan, we truly do prioritize customer service over everything else."

-Ben Knosby, CEO & Founder

Our Services About Lucid Travel


Lucid has dedicated customer service phone numbers, live chat widgets, and support emails so that your travelers stay safe in case of an emergency. Also, all of your receipts are located in one place making Duty of Care simple.
Lucid has 100+ settings that allow you to fully customize your policies. This includes disabling certain rate types (i.e. Prepaid vs. Pay at Hotel), setting price limits, minimum star ratings, and much more. Click Here to view all possible settings.

You get a free admin account that allows you to see all of your reservations in one place. We can add custom questions to your check-out page like 'Team Name' so that you easily see who has booked, pull receipts, and make changes in just a couple of clicks.

Travelers use your custom link (ex: to browse deals and find the best rates. On the checkout screen, there is an option to "Send to admin for approval/payment". When they click that, it's automatically sent to the admin on file.

All that's left is for the admin to click on the link in the email, review the info the traveler input, and add in their credit card information to book.

No, Lucid is 100% free to use. We typically ask our partners to sign an exclusivity contract to ensure that our partners are as committed to us as we are to them.