Totally Automated

Lucid aggregates hotel discounts automatically. No more lengthy hotel contracts or travel agents.

Define Your Rebate

You define how much you earn per room night. Our suggested range is $3 to $10 per room night.

Simple Tracking

You get email notifications every time a booking is made and can login to see who's booked.

Case Study

The Hoop Circuit

They host 50+ events per year for elite youth basketball teams all across the USA. Before Lucid, they tried setting up room blocks and even hiring a travel agency but found the whole process to be more trouble than it was worth.

See how Lucid changes the game for them.

How much do they earn?

The Hoop Circuit decided they wanted to make $5 per room night sold.

Our recommended range is anywhere from $3 to $10 per room night sold.

Do they have to set up room blocks?

The Hoop Circuit does not have to work with hotels at all. Lucid aggregates rates from top travel sites and pulls in private rates that offer discounts of 10% to 50% off standard rates.

If you want to set up custom room blocks, we can still do it but most event directors like that their clients can book at ANY hotel they'd like and the event director still earns money!

Can they tell who booked?

Yes, Lucid gives The Hoop Circuit an administrative login that allows them to view all reservations made and which team/organization they're apart of. They also get notified via email every time a booking is made.

This makes 'Stay-to-Play' events super easy to manage. No more chasing down rooming lists and emailing teams to ask if they booked yet. We can even set it up to send you reports automatically every week.

What does their page look like?

Here's their page:

They just add this to each event and they're done. Their clients love it, they make money, and it's completely automated - no input needed at all.

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Common Questions

How does the Lucid search box work?

Lucid's search box pulls in rates from 3rd party travel sites (Ex: Priceline,, Expedia) and direct rates so you're getting the lowest possible price.

Lucid also pulls in private rates that offer 10% to 50% off standard rates. These come from wholesale networks and can really help lower the cost of travel for your clients.

Search Travel

What if we set up room blocks?

All you do is fill out a request form (Here It Is) that's automatically sent to all the hotels near your event. After that, you just sit back as discounted, group bids come directly into your email inbox. The best part is, you can still talk with the hotel manager and even pay them directly.

You get to define exactly how much you make per room and we add it to your event page so that your travelers have no problem finding it.

Can We choose which rates we show?

Yes, you are in total control of what kind of rates are on your custom page.

Here are the options that you can choose from:

  • - 3rd Party Rates + Direct Rates
  • - Direct Rates ONLY
  • - 3rd Party Rates ONLY
Pros (+) Cons (-)
3rd Party
(Expedia, Priceline,
- No CC Auth form needed
- Lower prices on average*
- Finalized receipt is produced when purchased
- Most are “non-refundable”
- Must prepay (so the card is charged when the reservation is made)
Hotel Direct
(Pay at hotel, direct with hotel)
- Most are “free cancellation”
- It’s NOT prepaid - so card isn’t charged until the group arrives at the hotel.
- Can do tax exemption
- Higher prices on average
- Must send CC Auth form (and tax exemption form if needed)
- Must collect finalized receipt from the hotel

How do we receive our cash back?

That's totally up to you.

Here are the following options that you can choose from:

  • - We send you check in the mail
  • - We send you the cash via PayPal
  • - We send you the cash via Venmo

Payments are payable upon request (We can also set up payments on a continuous basis automatically if volume is high).

Does Lucid cost money to use?

No, Lucid is 100% free for event directors. There are no installation fees or monthly fees and there's no obligation (meaning we do not put limits on how much you have to spend to use Lucid).

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