Team Questions

No, we simply connect you to existing online booking engines like Priceline, and Hotel Planner. Everything is exactly the same but a percentage of every booking is given back to the team as a means of fundraising.
No, prices are exactly the same as our partners. We literally show you exactly what's on their website.
  • Same Inventory
  • Same Prices
  • Same Service
Every travel partner agrees to different commission rates so your team's 'give back' rates will vary depending on the type of travel service (Hotel Rooms, Room Blocks, and Car Rentals) you book.
Travel Service Give Back Rate Comments
Hotel Rooms (0-9 Rooms) 2-7% This varies based on what vendor you book through.
Room Blocks (10+ Rooms) 0-10% Give back rate is subject to the agreement you negotiate with the hotel directly.
Car Rentals 2-3% Lucid Travel honors 50% revenue share up to 6% total commission.
Fligths $4 to $10 per ticket Lucid also has special promo deals for flights.

*Revenue share = The percentage of our total commission that we give back to the team.
According to our current sales, the average 'percentage back' for hotel rooms is 4.3%.

*Last Updated: 11/16/2017
We are very flexible with payments. If your team has a tax-deductible account, Lucid Travel will pay through that. Otherwise, we typically write a check and mail it to what ever address you prefer. We can also pay with PayPal or Venmo.
Yes, but the intent of the fundraising model is to accrue a large sum of money over time. You can think about it like a passive way for your team to save money over the course of an entire season. You must raise at least $50 total to recieve a payout by Lucid Travel.

Other Questions

Yes, we're partnered with Hotel Planner which allows you to submit your group request online, in a couple of clicks. After submitting your request, simply sit back and wait for hotels to start populating discounted offers. Group rates can be as much as 60% off standard rates.
Yes, you can share your team page with anyone, anywhere. This is the primary way teams raise money. Using it for your team's travel is great, but the only way to make the big bucks is by sharing your page with others in your network.
How your team makes money:
  • Your Team's Travel
  • Family & Friend's Travel
  • Inviting Other Teams to Join
Your team will receive $10 after the team you invited makes thier first hotel booking.
Send your team page to other teams using any medium you'd like (social media, text, email, etc). Any team that signs up from your team page (meaning they landed on your team page, then signed up) will be automatically tracked. Your team's unique ID will be tagged to their account so you will get credit automatically. Login to your team's account, then click "Invite Teams, Earn $" to see a list of all the teams that you invited.
Our main search box has very flexible cancelation policies. Look for the "Pay At Hotel" options and make sure to read over the cancelation policy information to find the best deal!
Alos, our partner conviently has a filter options for Free Cancelation & No Prepayment!
Use our main search box (the one that consolidates all rates from the top sites) and book a room with that shows "Pay At Hotel". This means your card will not be charged until you arrive at the hotel. Once you arrive, show them your 501(c)(3) Form and they will deduct the tax off of the charges.
Use our main search box (the one that consolidates all rates from the top sites) and book a room with that shows "Pay At Hotel". This means your card will not be charged until you arrive at the hotel and it comes directly from them.

We can even make it so your search box only searches rates that are coming directly from the hotel (meaning no rates from 3rd party sites will be shown).


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