How It Works

Travel websites, hotel chains and airlines pay us to help facilitate bookings. We simply share a portion of the money we earn with you!

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The demo shows you how it actually looks

Lucid's Partners

We put all the best sites + direct rates in one, simple search box.

  • Your Team Travel Page

    You get your very own team travel page that you can share with others and bookmark for easy access. It is your one-stop-shop for all things travel.

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The Lucid Process

  • Find Hotels & Browse Rates

    We connect all the best travel sites & even rates directly from the hotel (same prices as normal) but give you cash back for every booking (2% to 7% cash back)..

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  • Earn Cash Back

    Every time you book flights, hotels, room blocks, car rentals, and/or charter buses - your team gets cash back. Let us know when you want your cash and we'll send you a check or pay via PayPal or Venmo.

Common Questions

Are Prices Higher?

No, prices are exactly the same as our travel partners. We literally connect you to their sites but up to 7% is given back to your team.

Does It Cost Anything To Use?

No, it's completely free to use and there's no obligation.

What if we typically book group rates (10+ rooms per night)?

You fill out our Group Hotel Request Form and click submit. Your request will be sent to all the hotels in the area and you'll start recieving bids directly into your inbox. Best part is, you can still speak directly with the hotel manager and even still pay them directly.

What would our team page look like?

Click on the button below to see what your team page would look like. Once you login, you can see all of your receipts, view members and manage room block requests.

How Do We Recieve Our Cash Back?

You simply email us at We can send you a check or pay via PayPal/Venmo.

Create Your Own Team Page

It's free, and you'll get $20 extra in cash back on your first booking.