New Feature + Additional Revenue

Lucid helps software companies integrate travel so that it becomes a key, differentiating feature for their products as well as a great additional revenue source.

Get a free, white-labeled booking engine that allows you to earn revenue anytime your customers book hotels, flights, and cars.

Integration Partners
Making travel a key feature

  • GotSoccer
  • Exposure Events
  • DanceComp Genie
  • Active Network

Your Compensation

You choose how you're paid.

Revenue Share

Earn revenue as a percentage of the total commission made on each transaction.

  • Based on Volume: 20% to 50%

Adding A Rebate

You can add a custom rebate that's collected on every transaction made.

  • Suggested Range: $3 to $10 per night

Benefits For Your Business

Helps Marketing

Travel becomes one more feature you can brag about when speaking with prospects and leads. Close more business without having to build out expensive features.

Helps Existing Clients

Making travel a feature on your product can help make your product more "sticky" meaning that people are less likely to switch to a different product.

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