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Connecting 23 top travel sites + direct rates

Same exact price... but you earn up to 7% cash back on every booking.

Your Own Custom Site

It connects to 23 of the world's best travel websites, ability to automatically recieve discounted group bids for 10+ rooms and gives you cash back (Up to 7%) on every booking.

Customized Tracking Made Simple

We have over 100 customizable fields so you can track exactly what you need to stay informed and keep budgets/policy in place.

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How Does It Work?

Travel websites, hotel chains and airlines pay us to drive them sales. We simply give you a portion of the money we earn.

We also include exclusive discounts that offer up to 50% off standard rates.

You can search all our partners in one simple search box. You can also click directly to our partner travel sites from your Travel Page, it is automatically tagged so that you get cash back for the bookings.

Can we still use reward accounts?

Yes, your travelers can still use rewards accounts with hotel chains and sites like & Expedia. We call this 'triple dipping' and our customers love it:

  • - Credit Card Rewards
  • - Brand Rewards
  • - Lucid Cash Back

What If We Have Negotiated Discounts?

We can add in your negotiated discounts and even highlight them so your travelers can easily find them.

Are my receipts all in one place?

Login to your admin account to view all of your receipts in one place. You can filter by date, department and other custom fields.

How often do we get paid?

We can set up automatic payments each month via check or direct deposit.