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Lucid's Give Back Program

Give To A Great Cause & Automate Hotels For Your Events

Lucid Travel is partnering with select tournaments to provide sponsorship for a cause that you care about. If interested, apply to be included today.

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Only 7/10 spots are left. Apply while spots are still available.

Lucid Travel is a sports housing company designed to make hotel management easier than ever before for tournament directors. Lucid's intuitive software allows you to define how much you earn, add your events, request room blocks, automate hotel booking reminders to your event participants, and get paid automatically every month.

Lucid's innovation in tournament travel is why GotSoccer, SportsEngine, LeagueApps, Exposure Events, and more choose Lucid as their travel partner of choice.

Funds Raised On Every Reservation

An easy way for your organization to give back.

  • Apply to see if your tournament qualifies
  • Your organization can still define your rebate
  • Lucid makes a donation to the charity of your choice (tax-deductible)

How It Works

If your tournament meets the criteria for this program, Lucid will get your account prepared and funds will be automatically donated to the charity of your choice.

The best part about the program is that you can still define how much your organization earns per reservation.

Here's the process

  • Apply to participate
  • Lucid gets your Travel Events Page set up for your event
  • Every event organizer gets a Lucid dashboard to track reservations with transparency
  • Lucid's automated email system sends reminders & reports to your event attendees
  • Funds are donated for every hotel reservation made during your event
  • Lucid makes the donation on your behalf (tax-deducible)

Interested in learning more?

Call or Text Danny Bradley 702-491-6237

Email [email protected]

Benefits For Tournaments Directors

Learn what makes us different and why 1000s are switching to Lucid.

Customize Your Travel Page

Add your logo, update color schemes, and even customize your site's header & footer.

Define Your Rebate

Choose how much you earn per room night booked. Most choose between $5 and $15 per room night.

Book At Any Hotel

We can pull rates automatically from 40+ vendors including,, Expedia, and more.

Secure Room Blocks

Add your event in Lucid, fill out our room block form, and get discounted blocks added to your page.

Add Event Attendees Contacts

You can add your event attendees' emails into the Lucid system so that they receive email reminders automatically.

Get Paid Automatically

Set up your payment preference (PayPal, Venmo, or Check) and get paid every month automatically.

Automatic Reminders

You and your team get automatic reminders from Lucid to keep things moving forward.

Automatic Reporting

Easily see all reservation information at any time. We send reports automatically after every event & monthly.

Stay-to-Play Tracking

Lucid automates the Stay-to-Play process. You can easily see the number of rooms booked by each team.

Support A Great Cause

Apply today and be part of something great.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the money raised for the charitable donation is paid for out of Lucid's cut. You will still be able to define how much you earn and this will not impact your bottom line.

Your organization will receive marketing content and be listed as a participating organization. After the event, we will make the donation on your behalf and provide a receipt to make it tax-deductible. We will even provide a social media post that shares your contribution to a great cause.

We are trying to identify organizations that are large enough to help raise a significant amount of money for our causes. Our goal is to partner with 10 organizations and raise $100,000 in the first year.

To do that, we are looking at organizations that have:

- Large events with 50+ teams that need hotels

- Tournaments that use the Stay-to-Play model

- A real interest in the cause they're supporting

The money we donate to charity comes from Lucid Travel's commission. It does not affect your rebate at all.

The standard amount is $5 donated for every room night booked but we can increase this if needed by adding more to the total price. So, for example, if someone books 2 rooms for 3 nights - $30 will be donated to charity for those reservations.