How Natural Disasters Affect Travel
  • Posted: Dec 04, 2018

How Natural Disasters Affect Travel

Last friday, a 7.1 earthquake struck Anchorage, Alaska, resulting in the most destructive earthquake since 1964. Thanks to earthquake proof engineering in Alaska, airport activity was only suspended for a matter of hours. This week Lucid Travel will look at how you would be reimbursed for disrupted travel plans in the case of natural disasters that exacerbate the one in Anchorage.   


Amongst earthquakes, natural disasters include floods, fires, hurricanes, tornados, volcanic eruptions, blizzards, and avalanches.  However, travel insurance companies do not offer reimbursements for known natural disasters, such as a forecasted blizzard or a named hurricane. Generally, reimbursements are only offered if there are mandatory evacuations in your destination, or if it has been rendered uninhabitable.  Of course, terms and conditions vary. Read the small print!


Travel insurance can be purchased on third party sites via the Lucid Travel website, though it is not directly offered by Lucid Travel itself.  But should a known event happen to your destination, Lucid Travel will be more than happy to negotiate with your travel insurance provider for you, and to help accommodate your stay.  


Author: Willow Groskreutz


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