The Art of Packing Light

The Art of Packing Light

  • Posted: Nov 13, 2018

In last week’s newsletter, I discussed the benefits of packing only carry on items.  That can seem like a daunting task, especially if your trip will extend over several weeks.  But believe it or not, it’s possible to fit a whole month into one 40 liter backpack. This week I’ll share some tips on how to pack light.  


Clothes and shoes take up the most room.  Always wear your bulkiest coats/sweaters and shoes on the plane.  They can double as a blankets and pillows during those long flights.  For your other clothes, roll them instead of folding, and value comfort over style.  The clothing that you feel good in is a good determiner for what to bring versus what not to bring.   Put socks inside shoes. Put all small, miscellaneous items into a small plastic bag to keep track of them.  And for toiletries, take advantage of the travel sized ones. You can always buy more toothpaste if you run out.  


Generally, a good rule of thumb is to bring half of what you’re originally intending to bring, but to double the money you’re bringing.  Keep in mind there will most likely be stores and washing machines where you’re going. I always like to keep at least one compartment of my backpack empty so I can have room for anything I buy on my trip.  But of course, packing light requires trial and error. Eventually you’ll realize what really are the essentials, and what isn’t. Eventually you’ll realize you’ve worn the same three shirts over and over again without a care in the world.

Author: Willow Groskreutz

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