The Top Sports Cities of 2019

The Top Sports Cities of 2019

  • Posted: Feb 20, 2019


The top ten sports cities of 2019 are in! Compiled by Burson Cohn & Wolfe Sports, the results show an interesting trend. Cities that have hosted past and future Summer Olympics games are among the top five of the list. It can be inferred that the Olympics play a role due to international recognition, and infrastructure large enough to host a variety of large events. 

The top ten sports cities are:


1. London (2012 Olympic host)

2. Los Angeles (2028 host)

3. Paris (2024 host)

4. Tokyo (2020 host)

5. Lausanne (Home of the International Olympic Committee)

6. New York

7. Barcelona

8. Madrid

9. Beijing

10. Manchester, England


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