The Truth About Travel Agents

The Truth About Travel Agents

  • Posted: Nov 27, 2018

Planning, booking, and budgeting for travel can be tedious.  Often times, companies or even individuals will have a travel agent to take care of the hassle for them.  Do you have one? This week Lucid Travel will look deeper into the realities of having a travel agent, and how they could be costing you money instead of saving money - even if you think it’s worth it to avoid doing it yourself.  


The travel agent gets paid directly by you for their fee, of course.  They also earn commission from the bookings. However, travel agents have been known to set rebates on hotel room blocks.  They’re charging you more than the room would actually cost - so in addition to their fees and commission, they’re essentially scamming their customer.  


Lucid Travel acts as a travel agent without human motivation.  We can find the lowest prices for what they are - entirely free.  In fact, unlike any other agent in the market, we pay you for using our service with our cashback offer.  There’s no personal bias with Lucid since we consolidate rates from all the top travel sites in the market.  We have no preferred hotel partners because we work with everyone and believe that you should pick the best fit based on your actual needs.


So unless you’re tied into a contract with your agent, consider switching to Lucid.  We’d love to work with you too.


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Author: Willow Groskreutz


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