Trick or Treat? How to Avoid hidden Travel Costs

Trick or Treat? How to Avoid hidden Travel Costs

  • Posted: Oct 30, 2018

In recent years, Halloween has become the second largest commercial holiday after Christmas.  It has become an excuse for adults to relive their childhood of putting on masks and indulging in treats.  Tourism has taken advantage of the fad, and many airlines and hotels will offer special Halloween deals. But, be aware that with these lower rates comes the trick of hidden costs.  

The most common hidden costs are non-optional fees like parking, transportation, and hotel services.  Most airports have cheap public transportation and most hotels will have shuttles. It’s advised to not rent a car on Halloween weekend if you don’t have to.  There are sure to be more drunk drivers on the road, and in addition to saving your safety it will save your wallet.

Even if you’ve paid for an all inclusive trip, make sure that includes housekeeping fees, or if that bottle of water on the nightstand has a price tag.  It will be the little things they’ll get you with, and it will be the little things that will drain your spending money for Halloween celebrations.


Author: Willow Groskreutz


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