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Automated Revenue From Hotels

Design your custom travel link, define how much you earn per booking, and get access to automated discounts & group blocks.

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The Lucid Difference

Offer hotel discounts instantly and define how much you earn per room night.

  • Define how much you earn per room night ($5 - $15)
  • Commissions paid out automatically, every month
  • Automated emails to tournament participants
  • Stay-to-Play made easy - Automated reporting & reminders

Integration Partners
Connect seamlessly with Lucid

  • GotSoccer
  • LeagueApps
  • DanceComp Genie
  • Exposure Events
Step 1

Design Your Travel Events Page

Create a page with your branding and events.

See an example

Customize Your Link

Add your logo and branding. Choose from 100+ settings to ensure your link is set up to fit your unique needs.

Add Events

Add events to your page and define settings for each.


Define Your Rebate

You define how much you earn per room night sold. Our suggested range is $5 to $15 per room night.

Earn Money Monthly

We send you money monthly so that you never have to deal with collecting checks from hotels again.

Step 2

Choose Hotel Preferences

You can choose if you want to show the Instantly Available Discounts or if you want to set up Room Blocks.

Option 1

Instantly Available Rates

Lucid aggregates rates from 3 main sources:

  • Top travel sites (like, Expedia,, etc.)
  • Hotel direct through the GDS (Global Distribution System)
  • Wholesale rates not available to the public (20%+ discounted)
We can also add in your corporate discounts & contracts
Option 2

Automated Room Blocks

Get your tournament room blocks set up with 1 click.

Lucid's Process:

  • Negotiate discounted rates, free rooms, and more.
  • Load the room blocks into your Travel Page.
  • Provide automated reporting, reminders, and payments.

How Lucid Sends Payments Fast

Unlike most travel agencies, Lucid collects your money at the time a booking is made. This allows Lucid to send your payment instantly rather than waiting for the hotels (which typically takes 30+ days).

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Step 3

Upload Event Contacts

You can upload your event contact's emails so that they get automatic reminders to book.

  • Automatic reminders are sent based on check-in date (60, 30, 14, 7 days out)
  • Integrate your contacts seemlessly with LeagueApps, ExposureEvents, GotSoccer, & more.
Case Study

Showtime Sports

Showtime Sports hosts 4 major events in Bullhead City, Arizona. Lucid helped them increase team registrations 200% in one year. They now host 150+ teams per event and have lower registration fees than any of their competitors.

How Much Do They Earn?

$15 per Room

Showtime was able to cut their registration fees in half while still making more total revenue. This allowed them to increase registrations by 200%!

How do they manage Stay-to-Play?

100% Automated Reporting

Lucid produces reports that show the number of reservations per team every Thursday so that you always know who has booked & who hasn't.

What does their Events page look like?

View Events Page

Show all your events in one place, offer deals at all hotels instantly, & highlight host hotels.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sign up with Lucid
  • Define how much you earn per room night & hotel preferences
  • Add events & request room blocks when needed
  • Add in event contacts (upload csv or via integration with registration) to get booking reminders
  • Receive automated event reporting, reminders, and payments (beginning of every month)

NOTE: You do not have to set up room blocks, you can use Lucid's instant inventory. This allows teams to book at any hotel and you still earn your rebate.

Tournament Sign Up

Yes, you get a free admin account that allows you to see all of your reservations in one place. We can add custom questions to your check-out page like 'Team Name' or 'Event Name' so that you easily organize who has booked and who hasn't/

Every month, you get a report showing all of the reservations that have been made using your Custom Link. You also receive a confirmed report that shows which reservations are ready to be paid to you. Our preferred method of payment is via online check using but we can also use PayPal or Venmo.

No, Lucid is 100% free to use. We typically ask our partners to sign an exclusivity contract to ensure that our partners are as committed to us as we are to them.

Lucid powers over 1000 tournaments every year.

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