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We connect your teams to the best travel providers, at the same rates as normal, but give money back for booking with us.

All Teams In 1 Place

  • You get a Univeristy Admin account that you can use to book hotels and manage club/group accounts.

Easily Manage Receipts

  • View the Booking History at any time to see a list of all bookings made by your clubs/groups. Receipts are always available.

Manage Team Requests

  • Sick of getting 100s of emails from teams, setting up time in-person, and faxing CC Authorization forms manually? If so, you're going to love our system. All requests come to you automatically from teams and you'll never have to send a CC Authorization form again. You can even apply tax exemption, hotel points, and search for "pay upon arrival".

Help Your Teams Raise Money

  • Every booking made will help teams raise money. We donate up to 7% of every hotel booking back to your teams.

New Age Customer Service

  • Use our "Live Chat" messanger or text/call our customer service number at any time.

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