Your Own Custom Site

It connects to 40+ of the world's best travel websites and allows you to control what rates are shown, who approves, price caps & more.

Customized Tracking Made Simple

We have over 100 customizable fields so you can track exactly what you need to stay informed and keep budgets/policy in place.

Get an inside look into how Lucid works for university staff. See how your custom booking page would look, how teams would use it, and how your admin account helps you manage booking requests, consolidate receipts, and better manage risk.

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Common Questions

What does a university travel page look like?

You get a booking page that's custom built for your unique process and policies. Teams can automatically send you booking requests and receipts are automatically send to you when they are made.

On top of that, teams earn cash back on every purchase made and everythings stored in your admin account for easy access.

Click on the button below to see what your university page would look like.

How does the Lucid search box work?

Lucid's search box pulls in rates from 3rd party travel sites (Ex: Priceline,, Expedia) and direct rates so you're getting the lowest possible price.

On top of that, you earn up to 7% cash back on every booking made using your Team Page.

Search Travel

Can We choose which rates we show?

Yes, you are in total control of what kind of rates are on your booking page.

Here are the options that you can choose from:

  • - 3rd Party Rates + Direct Rates
  • - Direct Rates ONLY
  • - 3rd Party Rates ONLY
Pros (+) Cons (-)
3rd Party
(Expedia, Priceline,
- No CC Auth form needed
- Lower prices on average*
- Finalized receipt is produced when purchased
- Most are “non-refundable”
- Must prepay (so the card is charged when the reservation is made)
Hotel Direct
(Pay at hotel, direct with hotel)
- Most are “free cancellation”
- It’s NOT prepaid (most of the time) - so card isn’t charged until the group arrives at the hotel, unless outlined in Hotel's policy
- Can do tax exemption
- Higher prices on average
- Must send CC Auth form (and tax exemption form if needed)
- Must collect finalized receipt from the hotel

How do travelers send booking requests to us?

For Hotels

Your travelers use your Booking Page to browse options. Once they find the rate they'd like to book, there's a button that allows them to "Send to admin for approval and payment". The admin receives an email with a link to review & book. You simply click on the link, review the booking request and input your business credit card. Once you book, both the traveler and admin receive a confirmation receipt (automatically) via email.

For Flight

There are 2 ways to do this: (1) Your travelers browse rates and book using their own CC. The receipt is automatically sent to accounting for reimbursement. (2) Travelers each have a login that allows them to browse and send to an admin for approval/payment.

How are receipts managed?

Login to your admin account to view all of your receipts in one place. You can filter by team name and easily track spending.

How does Lucid help with Risk Management?

  1. 1. Confirm every booking with the hotel - You've probably encountered an issue where one of your teams books a hotel online but once they arrive, the hotel has no record of the reservation. At Lucid, we call and confirm every hotel booking made, in advance, to assure this does not happen.
  2. 2. Centralized access to receipts and booking data - Every booking made using your customized university page (Here's an example) will be automatically stored in your admin account. This includes which team made the reservation, all data about the reservation itself, financial information and formal receipt.
  3. 3. Unwavering Customer Support - We have never had a major issue go unsolved. We are dedicated to assuring every problem you face comes to a resolution.
  4. 4. No required contract or obligation - Getting Lucid setup at your university takes less than 20 minutes total and it doesn't cost any money to install or use. Lucid also doesn't require you to sign a contract but we'd be more than happy to set up a custom contract to assure that Lucid is compliant with your policy, if needed.

Can travelers still use their brand reward numbers?

Yes, for "Pay at Hotel" rates, it will always allow the traveler to input their brand loyalty number. Flights will always honor brand loyalty numbers.

Can Lucid act as a full-service TMC (Travel Management Company)?

Yes, Lucid can provide access to a dedicated agent that will help negotiate/manage your contracts, ensure compliance with your policies, and provide service & support to your travelers.

Whether you need to set up corporate discounts, book & manage flights, scheduling bus rentals and more - Lucid has you covered.

We can gaurantee lower services rates than any other provider in the market because of our focus on technology.

What if we are tax exempt?

If you are tax exempt, we can do the following:

  • - Set up your university travel page to ONLY show direct rates (Pay At Hotel)
  • (This will allow you to present the proof of tax exemption form prior to paying so that taxes can be deducted.)

How do teams receive their cash back?

That's totally up to you.

Here are the following options that you can choose from:

  • - We send all the checks to you once per semester
  • - We send all the checks to you once per year
  • - Teams contact us (without approval from a university admin) when they'd like to receive it

We can pay the cash back via check, PayPal, Venmo or Cash App.

Does Lucid cost money to use?

No, Lucid is 100% free for university staff and teams. There are no installation fees or monthly fees and there's no obligation (meaning we do not put limits on how much you have to spend to use Lucid).

Does Lucid Require You Sign A Contact?

No, there are no obligations or contracts required to work with Lucid. We do not require you commit to a certain amount of bookings or time to use Lucid Travel. You can stop working with us at any time for any reason.

Customer Service

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CEO & Cofounder