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Disc-iple Sports LLC & High Tide

Disc-iple Sports LLC is the parent company that hosts High Tide. Ed and Cathy Pulkinen with Disc-iple Sports have hosted the High Tide College Ultimate Tournament for the past 20 years.  Beginning in 1996 (Savannah, GA) with just 6 teams, High Tide has grown to over 216 teams attending in 2016.

The main goal of Disc-iple Sports LLC is serving the players and staff of High Tide. They host college ministries as volunteers at their Retreat Center to come spend a week serving the teams at High Tide, as well as connect with each other.

The mission of Disc-iple is to share the love of Jesus through the sport of Ultimate. We do this by serving through the Disc-iple process:

  1. Identify Ultimate players who are believers or who are seeking a greater understanding of what it means to have a daily relationship with Jesus.
  2. Encouraging them to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.
  3. Empowering them to start the process from step one with the people in their lives.




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